My Story

Well its a honest one ...

I'm an only child, single mom & woman business owner who never gave into the "you cant" when strong is your only choice, that's it, my boys and my dreams.

My hero is my mom and the idea of superwoman (be your own hero) it's important to me to give back, and let these girls know i have been broken, defeated,but chosen to rise and believe in me.

The mixed kid by a single nurse mom, all heart, strength, follow through! I see a moment in all these girls and want them to know "I hear you, you can, you will , can I help, & I'm proud of all the girls , blessed to work with the girls.

 Smiles are everything (Giveback) xoxox Estina

EVERY TEEN MATTERS EVERY DAY ALL DAY. Take a second to listen to their Dreams

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